Drinking Dirty Water: The Gospel Coalition

I tell a friend this morning that I feel straddled between two camps and I don't know how long I can sustain this position. I fear being viewed as tepid water. John writes of luke-warm water being spewed from the mouth of God (Rev. 3:16), but sometimes we think we're God, spitting out those who don't agree, can't agree, or just cannot see. We'll show them.

And what?

What are we showing them?

For those who take and adopt the phrase "gospel-centered," do we show those who don't hold to our same brand of theology that they are luke-warm? And for those who take and own the phrase "story-teller," do we spew out those whose stories may look different than ours, take longer than ours, or shorter?

Water sputtering everywhere and not a drop to drink...

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