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My name is Lore Ferguson Wilbert. Yup. It’s pronounced Lor-ee or Lori. My good friends call me Lo. My oldest friends call me Lor. My brothers call me Sister. But my best friends call me Lowly and I hope I can live down to that.

My life is small and simple. Grace is the marked measure of all things in me. God is the ultimate Creator and He’s crafted all things for His glory and my good. I learn this, albeit slowly at times.

I began blogging in 2000, when blog wasn’t a word and we still thought you could keep things private on the internet. I haven’t stopped writing since then, though the nature of this site has changed with time, but for nearly five years I’ve been seeking to write for God’s glory alone. This means I write less, and sometimes less eloquently, but with more passion and better theology. Hopefully.

Interacting with readers is my favorite, favorite part of this writing journey. Getting an email from one of you (though I can’t always answer it quickly) is a singular joy to me and I read every single one, sometimes with tears and always with joy.

I was born in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, lived in New York three times in three year stints throughout my late teens and twenties, intermingled with a stint in Central America and another in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I moved to Texas a few months before I turned 30, moved to Denver, Colorado the night of my wedding at 34, left a year later for a year in D.C., and then headed back to Texas where my husband and I currently live. Nowhere is quite home. The writer of Hebrews quotes the Lord as saying, “They’ll never get where they’re going, never able to sit down and rest.” A favorite author, Wendell Berry, says in one place, “We must arrive at the ground beneath our feet,” and in another, “at peace, and in place.” I have done neither, not completely. I am perpetually homesick and I wonder if God did that to me on purpose, so I would never feel too much at home on this earth.



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