I suppose you're always thinking, "Oh great, what new thing is she learning about today? What new thing is so radically changing her life? What same old thing about God that we already know is sending her off into undulating surprise today?"

Because that's what I'd be thinking. I'd be tired of all the new! amazing! life-changing! things that someone else was learning that I've already known for years.

I may be narcissistic, but I am absolutely obsessed with what I'm learning about God every day. I can't help but not shut up about it.

New thing today? I'm not bored by God! I'm absolutely not bored by Him, He interests me, He surprises me, He captures me, He sustains me, He joys me, He helps me, He holds me, He crafts me.

By nature I am a New Thing person and in the past this has been my nemesis. But now! Now I am so thankful and grateful for that facet of my personality. Because He is a God who makes all things new. He takes the same old, and presents it differently every time. Do you know why?

Because He knows that I love new things! I love new lessons and new challenges and new opportunities. And He is intimately involved in the details of my life. He knows them. He's shaping them and expounding on them and shedding light on them and extrapolating from them.

I wrote this a year ago. I went back and reread it last night while sharing with a friend about the everyday newness of the Gospel: I have made a caricature God.

The truth is that for years I have been bored by God. I felt that I had plumbed the depths of Him and had gotten a handle on the principles He liked and the practices He didn't. I was bored by his sameness, his faithfulness that felt deceptively tedious. I felt that the only challenge He ever gave me was to try my patient and endurance, and I felt every scrap of that failing.

I felt that He withheld His hand from me, holding back blessings until I'd proven something to Him, holding back joy until I'd suffered enough, holding back love until I stopped looking for it elsewhere.

In all the deep things that I am learning about God, I am learning that He is anything but boring. And here is how I am coming to that conclusion.

Because not only is He interesting to me, He is interested in me. He is capture by me. He finds joy in me. He! Maker of the universe! Savior of mankind! Coming Messiah! He is all those things toward me. He pursues me. He pursues me. I cannot help but respond. I cannot help but be captured, body, soul, and spirit by Him.

He is always new in His constancy and consistency. Every day. New.