My name is Lore Ferguson Wilbert. Yup. It’s pronounced Lor-ee or Lori. My good friends call me Lo. My oldest friends call me Lor. My brothers call me Sister. But my best friends call me Lowly and I hope I can live down to that.

My life is small and simple. Grace is the marked measure of all things in me. God is the ultimate Creator and He’s crafted all things for His glory and my good. I learn this, albeit slowly at times.

I began blogging in 2000, when blog wasn’t a word and we still thought you could keep things private on the internet. I haven’t stopped writing since then, though the nature of this site has changed with time, but for nearly five years I’ve been seeking to write for God’s glory alone. This means I write less, and sometimes less eloquently, but with more passion and better theology. Hopefully.

Interacting with readers is my favorite, favorite part of this writing journey. Getting an email from one of you (though I can’t always answer it quickly) is a singular joy to me and I read every single one, sometimes with tears and always with joy.

. . .

My goal is to see a generation of dechurched, second generation Christians, or the ragged and hurt, come to the joy of what the gospel means deep down. I use the words gospel and theology often in my writing, so consider this a glossary of sorts:

The Gospel is simply the good news that while we were dead in our sins, helpless to beat our slavery to religiosity, legalism, licentiousness, and idolatry, Christ came and through the breaking of His body, the shedding of His blood on the cross, covered the unrighteousness of His children with His righteousness. He has called His children the royal priesthood, a chosen race, a holy nation, and a people who are of His possession. Simply put, I don’t have to be because He already is. I believe that. I spent a lot of years thinking I believed that, but in 2010 I really, really began to believe that.

When I use the word Theology, I simply mean the way we see God. Theology means the study of God, but I think that term has been hijacked by apologists and heavy-handed theologians who leave no room for discussion. I prefer to think about theology in terms of art. More like a study of light or a study in still life, a study of God. I wrote more about that here, if you’re curious. Right theology has, in many ways, saved my life, my heart, my joy, and my faith. Wrong theology steals my joy and robs my affections from God. When I see Him correctly, I am able to study Him correctly. When I talk about theology, I am talking about the attributes of God displayed and glorified in the practicalities of life and service.
. . .
I come from a large and wildly different family. We are all over the map politically, religiously, and quite literally, geographically. I’m the second of eight, all boys except me, and one was killed in an accident soon after his fourteenth birthday.

In 2010, I sold everything, quit my job, and moved 1200 miles away from my beloved northeast to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. While there I worked as a full-time writer, graphic designer, and speaker, and was a covenant member of The Village Church.

In March of 2015 Nate Wilbert asked me to coffee to talk about pacifism and three months later we were married in his back yard surrounded by some of our best friends, pastors, and ministry partners. The night of our wedding we left for a honeymoon in the mountains of Colorado, a week later bought a house in Denver, and the next day I went on full-time staff as Director of Community and Formation at Park Church. We lived in a small 1800s stucco farmhouse in the city and a month after we bought it, my brand new husband lost his job. His new job took us to Washington, D.C. six months later, where we live now, trying to catch our breath and our bearings.