The name of this site is called Sayable, taken from a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke called The Ninth Elegy. These lines made a significant impact on me in college:

The wanderer does not bring a handful of earth,
the unutterable, from the mountain slope to the valley,
but a pure word he has learned, the blue
and yellow gentian. Are we here perhaps just to say:
house, bridge, well, gate, jug, fruit tree, window–
at most, column, tower… but to say, understand this, to say it
as the Things themselves never fervently thought to be.

Is it not the hidden cunning of secretive earth
when it urges on the lovers, that everything seems transfigured
in their feelings? Threshold, what is it for two lovers
that they wear away a little of their own older doorstill,
they also, after the many before,
and before those yet coming…lightly?

Here is the time for the sayable, here, its country.
Speak and acknowledge it. More than ever
the things that we can live by are falling away,
supplanted by an action without symbol.

The idea that we make things more real by naming them, saying them, this concept sticks to me. This is why I write. I want ideas that float around in my head to stick to me, to you, to us. I want us to see creation as Adam did in those first hours: naming it newly. I want us to process thoughts newly, freshly, see them in ways that shock and empower us, bless and complete us in the context of the gospel. I want to make thoughts, ideas, concepts, abstractions, sayable.