Dear ones,

This week I’ll be talking with someone about some Sayable work. We may talk function, certainly form, I may tweak some design (color? font?), we may toss around the ideas of streamlining, and perhaps a bit more. Over the next few months as we lead up to the release of Handle With Care, you’ll probably also begin seeing the artwork of Stephen Crotts gracing the page in various ways (Also, I’ll have an interview with him up as well—which I’m particularly excited about. He was my first choice for an artist for the cover of HWC and I’m still pinching myself that he was up for it.). I want to always be thinking about your experience as a reader and not just my experience as a writer.

For as long as Sayable has existed, I’ve tried to push against the ad culture and click-culture, where the demands on the reader to interact are heightened, and the opportunities for contemplation are lessened. My aim has always been to be more like an appetizer than a feast, to make you hungry for more truth, beauty, and goodness, and good hunters of it elsewhere, than to pretend that I am the Michelin chef and this is your spread. It’s why I’ve disabled comments, disabled all the like/share buttons I could, removed ads and banners, etc.. But I also want to be a good steward of B&H’s investment in me as a writer, as well as make this a more readable/enjoyable experience for you.

So that brings me to my question:

As I head into this conversation on Thursday, what are some tweaks or additions you’d like to see on Sayable? What would make this a readable and enjoyable experience for you? If that font color, tell me. If it’s font size, tell me. If it’s fewer posts, tell me. If it’s more, tell me. If it’s fewer blogs and more newslettery things, fewer homilies and more Link Loves, let me know.

If you’re reading this via email, you can just respond to the email with your requests. If you’re reading this via click-through from a particular social media post, just reply on that SM post. I really, truly will hear you. I can’t promise I’ll make all the tweaks you deem necessary, but I will consider them all.

Thank you, as always. I do this for you and I’m grateful I get to.


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