Since Harper was a puppy she's made her circle of curiosity larger and larger, exploring only in the same room as me, then to the next room over, then to the yard, then through the fence to the neighbor's yard, but she always comes back to me. Intermittently throughout her curiosities, her constant watch for small critters and passers-by, she ambles her way back to my side for a moment or five, for a pet, a word of affirmation, the calming presence of my leg against her head.

I have never been the sort of person who has a regimented “daily quiet time" with the Lord. Every morning my husband wakes hours before light, pours his coffee, sits with his bible, his journal, a book a poetry, and his self, and I envy this internal clock of his. I have spates of glorious rhythm, miles of deep soul work, Bible study, fill pages of journals, and then, one day missed turns into one week missed then two. I keep my Bible nearby always and page through it once a day, but I miss the meat of intimacy that comes through the meeting of my soul's deepest needs and the feast the Lord offers through his Word and his Spirit.

Today as I sat at our dining room table, working through some questions, chapters, verses, and words intended to care for my soul, my pup made her way back to me twenty times easily. Then back to the window, to the door, the guest room, the kitchen, and then to me between each, stationary at the table. And I'm reminded of our unchangeable God amidst our changing selves and lives and circumstance and seasons.

Everything God made changes, nothing escapes it. Trees, flowers, birds, icebergs, the shores of every land on the entire earth, the wind, the air, our cells, our skin, our reproductive systems, our hair, its color and texture, fingernails, the seasons, rocks, stones, even the cliffs of El Capitan. God, as creator, made the point that everything created will always change and is not trustworthy to stay the same. Only he remains unchanged. And so we always know, even if he is hard to see or find or feel, he is there to be found.

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