Test Post and Thank You (hopefully it works this time)

If you read Sayable through email, my hope is that you'll be able to read this with no problem. If you read through an RSS reader like feedly or bloglovin', there might be a few glitches, but overall your experience will be the same (please let me know if it's not—I can't fix it if I don't know about it). If you come directly to Sayable, mostly it will just look a little cleaner, although it might take a bit of time for your device to update.

Overall, the most different thing about Sayable today is that the backend is more manageable for me. I've been on Wordpress since 2011 and it worked great for a while, but I really wanted something with fewer backend issues and less prone to malicious attacks. Squarespace seems to have the corner on the market in that arena. 

As I began the export process from my Wordpress platform the other morning, I realized there were sixteen years of archives. Sixteen YEARS. That doesn't even include all the years I wrote on LiveJournal way back in the beginning (anyone remember those days?). I didn't import all those years over to the new site because it was just too much, but it made me realize two things: 

The first is how much I've grown as a writer in sixteen years (faithfully plodding, jotting, and noticing life day by day by day by day) and how incremental changes come.

The second is how grateful I am for you, the reader. Some of you are newish, some of you have been reading since nearly the beginning, and I'm grateful for you all in a deep and overwhelming way. You have contributed to my growth, not only by watching it, but by encouraging it with your letters, gifts, just by showing up, and also by reminding me that Sayable is nothing if it's only about me (which sometimes it feels like it's an awful lot only about me). I write for you. I have such a deep desire to write vulnerably, faithfully, and with an eye toward the gospel, and that you stick with me when there are so many Get Rich Quick, and Beautiful People and Homes and Lives, and Gospel Lite blogs out there, means so much. Thank you. 

Nate and I have decided that some time within the next year we will put Sayable and most of my internet footprint on a year long hiatus. We have a lot of reasons for this and I'll share some of them with you when the time comes, but I hope until then (and during then if you're the sort who likes reading archives (I am)), you'll be blessed by an easier to read and access site. 

Love you all. Thanks for all you are and are becoming through Him.