What I Pray For My Pastors

Every few weeks I tweet this: "People, pray for your pastors." I do it because I need reminders that the men who lead my local church are faithful and godly, but still human and fallible. They hurt just like we do. They struggle to build systems just like we do. They need to repent just like we do. They aren't superhuman. They're fully human. So I pray for my pastors often. Not just my lead pastors (although I recognize they are more in the public eye more often), but for my groups pastors, our recovery pastors, our resource pastors, etc. I love the men who shoulder the pastoral responsibilty for my church. I respect them. I entrust myself to them. And because of that, I want to be invested in their fruitfulness. One way I can do that is through prayer.

Here are some things I pray for my pastors:

Pray they would love God above wife, wife above children, children above church, and church above their own life. Pray they would mourn over their sin, instead of getting lost in busyness. Pray their mourning over sin would lead to repentance and not death. Pray they would set a watchman over their time, words, and family. Pray they would not buckle under culture's sway. Pray they would lead with humility and gentleness, boldness and wisdom. Pray they would ask for help when they need it and that we would give it quickly. Pray they would rest. Pray they would work hard. Pray they would play. Pray they would have minds that sharply divide the word of truth, and hearts that vulnerably discern the hearts of men.

Pray they would seek only God's glory and not their own.

Here's one more important thing I pray for them.