Link Love

It's been a while since I've posted some Link Love. I'm hoping to start doing this more regularly soon. Here are some things I've found noteworthy in the past few weeks. I found myself weeping halfway through this article on sex and the gospel. The picture she presents of the law and grace hit home for me in powerful ways. I hope you'll take the time to read this whole article, married or not.

Tyler Braun is catching a good amount of flack for this post and I'll confess, I'm scratching my head at it. I understand people's complaints that he's "part of the [perceived] problem," but I just don't understand why you'd bite the hand that's trying to feed you. He's asking a great question—and one I wish more complementarian men would ask.

This: "Feminism pushes women to independence – spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Yet independence isn’t the solution. Dependence on God is the solution."

I was still getting push-back on my post from last week on prostitution, mostly from those who have bought the lie that it's not as big of a problem, or the sort of problem I made it out to be. Hyperbole, they essentially said. Well, yes, in a sense it is. It's a blog post, not a thesis. But simply because I gave a keyhole glimpse into the problem doesn't mean it isn't a problem. This video may be difficult to watch, but if you think it's not a problem, then I recommend watching it.

Opinions about Obamacare are in no shortage right now (I have a few of my own), but David Murray wrote what I think was one of the most helpful pieces on the subject that I've seen yet. Hope you'll take a few minutes to read through it.

A few friends of mine from back home just started a coffee company. I know these guys take their coffee seriously, but they also take their church and state seriously. Check out what they're doing here. (The house that short clip was filmed in belongs to some of my dearest friends in the world—I have spent many, many nights in front of that woodstove discussing theology, the gospel, family, and the church. It just made me so happy to see again it for a few minutes.)