Sabbatical End and Saintly Sinners

Thank you so much for a month's respite from writing on Sayable. In reality, that grace wasn't yours to give, but thank you for not giving me a hard time if I saw you around real life. The month was good for me to just step back, remember why I write, or rather, for Whom I write. I hope the coming weeks will show evidence of fruit born there. If you're interested, I'm over at Deeper Church today on what one person called a Faukneresque piece and another person asked if there was unresolved bitterness stemming over in it. The truth is I did write this piece with the fire of a soul who longs for the Church to be free of her trappings. I did not write it with one local church in mind. I've darkened the doors of more churches than I remember in my life. They each gave me treasures and they each gave me baggage. And I love my church home, but last night around the dinner table, I sure was glad to hear my pastor talk about opportunities for repentance and areas of growth. Further up, further in.

Church Camp is where we learned about the power of the Holy Ghost and felt the damning when we didn’t speak in tongues. Maybe next year, we thought. Maybe next year I’ll have my junk together and the Holy Ghost will condescend to fall on me. But next year came and I was still swallowing my dry and unloosed tongue. This is where we learned about demons and maybe I have one. Maybe he isn’t scared off by my verses and stars and Sunday School attendance. Maybe he knows the bible better than I do.

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