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Bad Writing: Bad writing is naturally mistaken for good writing. That’s because unlike good writing, bad writing hoards attention. Getting Through Slumps: I’m no expert on either preaching or getting out of slumps. But doodling tonight, I thought of six things that might help.

Permitted or Pursued? I have to think that egalitarians would grow quieter in their critiques if we could point to more women within our ranks who convincingly demonstrate equal, complementary value in our churches.

Body Image: Changing the definition of what we want these bodies to look like doesn’t get anywhere near to solving our problems.

Biters: Then, with calculated persistence, they began to eat each other, each to the death.

Heart Idols: 20 piercing questions from Tim Keller. These are great questions to ask ourselves.

A Deeper Beauty: Women, "Hot Wives," and Christ: While it’s a distinctly God-glorifying thing for a young man to really, really, really like his wife, it’s possible that some women might feel pressure to be some sort of gospel version of [supermodel whose name you shouldn’t really know here].