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What Do the Noseguard and the Center Talk About: [He] writes, “we are having this discussion on the fifty yard line in a full stadium.” That’s well-said. There are a lot of onlookers to this discussion. The stadium feels filled with four types. Woman in the Image of God: You see, being made in God’s image does more than establish the equality of all people (although is does); it is does more than simply level the playing field between men and women (although it does); it does more than argue for the sanctity of human life (although it does). Understanding that you are made in the image of God gives you a way to finally make sense of your life, to finally know who you are.

Is Romans 1 About Homosexuality? So those who teach that this passage is not fundamentally about condemning homosexuality are correct. Paul’s main point is not about homosexuality. It is about the consequences of idolatry. But that doesn’t meant that it has nothing to say about homosexuality.

Fasting from Twitter and Facebook: This isn't really too much about actually fasting, but just being mindful of our use. A good short listen.

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