Link Love: white dudes edition*

ChristInTheWilderness_1 Why Ministers Need the Wilderness by Mike Leake: "When the Lord bruises a man in the wilderness he doesn’t hide behind “correct theology” and call it “just speaking the truth." He, with dust in his throat, simply holds the hand of the mother who lost her infant." (If you only read one of these link loves, read this one)

Our Shining North by Timothy Willard: "I read the popular blogs and articles and commentary and cultural hoo-ha and I wonder who among us loves the Word."

The Mystery Unfolding, Grasping: A Maundy Thursday Reflection by Jared Wilson: "For Paul, mystery is not something unsolved. It is something that was once unsolved but is now available and visible. But it’s still a mystery. It doesn’t cease being a mystery."

I Hate My Church by Seth McBee: "People saw Paul as filled with grace for those he walked with. Most that leave their church are just the opposite. They have nothing good to say and sound bitter, spew slander, and are outright hateful against the church."

We're Not the Ones God Has Been Waiting For by Daniel Darling: "But there is a subtle danger in seeing ourselves as the last best hope for the church. Like Peter on the night of Jesus' crucifixion, what we give up to warm our hands by the fire of acceptance will leave us burned."

7 Questions for Christians About the Gay Marriage Debate by Barnabas Piper: "If we believe in a sovereign God, then why are we so fearful? This could apply to just about any area of life, but apply it liberally to our societal fears. God is in charge. He knows what’s up. Represent Him well in all spheres of life, trust His reign and chill out."

*I only realized after I looked at this week's compiled links that it was a buncha white dudes this week.