Storming Brothels & the Hearts of Men

“Give me an M16 and I’ll storm that brothel!” “Oh, I just want to hold those girls and tell them they’re loved…”

These are the two responses I hear most often when I explain what sex-trafficking is and how it plays out in the industry.

These are also the two reasons I am passionate about educating others about the depths of the trafficking problem, because holding someone or storming a brothel cannot be the answer. It cannot be. 

At the core of every person is a heart that longs for some sort of fulfillment, some validation, or security. So it is that at the core of the trafficking problem are the hearts of men and women caught up in the web of the industry—from traffickers to pimps to johns to madams to the sex slaves themselves.

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Stop Sex Slavery: Redlight

This image was taken by Hazel Thompson in partnership with us at Project Red Light Rescue for the book CAGE. If you'd like more information on how you can be a part of infiltrating the red light district with the Gospel, connect with me here, attention Lore.