Link Love

I didn't realize until after I compiled this Link Love that all these have to do with crossing cultural barriers and seeing things from another's point of view. Something we could all use a little of. God's Gonna Cut You Down: God gives law its potency, the law gives sin its strength, sin gives death its sting, and the devil tells lies with all of it. And as with all effective lies, there is truth in it. That's why it works so well.

Preaching that Cuts to the Heart: The "cultural references," then, are simply my way of entering the world of my hearers, helping them understand at a deep level what is shaping their daily work, their romantic and family relationships, their attitudes toward sex, money, and power.

Listen to Your Critics: When we listen to our critics in an unhealthy way, we cave to their concerns because of the peer pressure. When we listen to our critics in a healthy way, we lay down defensiveness and try to figure out what of their concerns fits with our root convictions.

Christian Sub-Culture and the Stay-at-Home-Mom: Yes, our culture may devalue the role of the SAHM, but within the church we tend to do the opposite. We practically canonize her.

To This Day: A spoken word poem beautifully illustrated and recited. The video falls short by missing the reality of the only hope we have being Christ, but it does a great job of illuminating and giving voice to a very real problem with bullying in schools today. BELOW.