Link Love

4418ab525ac73d0146d9742c2368517f I'm no avid pinner on Pinterest. But I pinned a few images from my dream home a few years ago. A few days ago a friend said, "I always imagine you in a Vermont farmhouse. Or a Kentucky bootlegger's shack. Something rustic," and I was reminded of this beaut. Here's the original post.

I shattered the screen on my iphone this past week, rendering it unusable, so I've been phone free for the last four days. Not only have I not missed the convenience of the apps, I haven't really missed the traditional phone components either. A friend pointed me to Sarah's Bessey's post on being phone free. It makes a girl think.

In Systematic Theology class this week we talked about the resurrection. With guest appearances in our notes from John Donne, Rudyard Kipling, John Updike, and NT Wright, I tweeted it was an Lit/Theology nerd's dream. Here's an article from Christianity Today about why the bodily resurrection matters.

Peter Leithart has a powerful little piece over on the First Things blog this week. No matter where you stand politically, this is important. "Division was essential to the social renewal [Christ] came to accomplish, because those who followed him, torn from comfortable networks of kin and religion, formed the nucleus of a new kind of community."

My dear friend Andrea wrote about mothering and saying no. I can't always sympathize with posts on mothering, but I can definitely identify with saying no, in order to say yes to something better. If you're a parent or you're just plain busy, please take a moment to read this treasure.

My parents were big fans of dirt while we were growing up. It could have been the seven brothers I'm sandwiched between—a losing battle for the germaphobe however you try. More likely, though, it was because they knew there was something healthy about dirt, good old Pennsylvanian dirt, rich with history and nutrients. The Dallas band Air Review produced this beaut last year and I still love it. I may not have been America's Son, but I sure was his sister.