Why Doesn't He Answer?

If you ask God for something and then you say you trust God will do as He wills (which is a good thing to trust Him for, because regardless of what or who you trust, He will do as He wills), you must be prepared for every manner of sniggering, sniveling, untrustworthy thoughts to enter your mind henceforth. You must know nearly everything and everyone will become an immediate threat to your joy and pleasure, even if they have loved you and proven it to you. You must realize every question and doubt plaguing your mind will relate to the Big Ask in some way. You must recognize the enemy creeps about seeking whom he can devour and devour he will do if he finds a way.

But you must also realize that God is on His throne and you are hidden in the shadow of the Most High. You must have your confidence not in the thing for which you have asked, but in the God in whom you have trusted. You must sit long, walk hard, pester deep, and touch hems of robes in clamoring crowds. And at the end of every day you must go home again and your home must be in Him only.

If you ask God for something and you never see the answer, it is not because He did not hear you or is not answering you. But it might be because you are looking too low, under branches, in dewy grass on meadow spreads, and He is high and lifted up, home in heaven with earth His footstool.

If you ask God for something and you never see the answer, it is because He is the last and final answer—and the last and better answer after all.