Wait Up

We're all waiting for something. You're waiting for the raise and you, right there, you're waiting for a baby. You're waiting for that guy to notice you and you are waiting for a job you love. You're waiting for a better living situation or your due date, something to make sense and something to stop hurting. You don't have to dig much to find what you're waiting for. A friend told me last night he's waiting for joy. Another friend is waiting for healing. One more is waiting for her wedding day. And one more can't wait until she gets to go Home, her final resting place.

In all of history there have only been 33 years where what we waited for walked here on earth. A mere drop, dew on the morning grass. And here's the thing: they didn't know their wait would begin again after that short respite.

Late last night I talked with a friend about what we wait for and where our hope is in the meantime. It's hard to wait. Doubly hard when we see others receive what we're waiting for. But the deeper truth is no matter what comes our way in this lifetime, 80 years and a few more, a vapor, a breath, a moment—He is the sustainer and He is the culmination of every lesser gift.

We wait for you.