Top Ten Posts of 2012

Everybody's doing it: Mastering the Curve: I wasn't going to write this post until Emily Freeman gave me a little push. I wrote it in ten minutes and posted it quickly before I got cold feet. This post resounded around the world with thousands of women, and more surprisingly, I got more responses from men than on any other post!

A Better Fruit: Nothing like stirring up a little controversy, eh? This one got picked up by Jared Wilson over at The Gospel Coalition and I'm still getting some great push-back from thought-filled egalitarians about it.

Sleeping Alone: Another post I wrote quickly and posted quickly for fear that I was baring too much of my soul. Turns out people like a bared soul. This post is about sleeping alone for 30 years.

KONY2012: Yes. I weighed in on Kony 2012. I'm glad I did. I still agree with all of this. I wish things hadn't gone down like they did for the sake of the team at Invisible Children (for what it's worth, I still love IC, and their work has great merit), but I stand by these thoughts on marketing for NGOs.

Why I Don't Tithe: This is a post from 2011, but it's still making a fuss in the blogosphere. If you've ever struggled with tithing, giving, or money, I hope this encourages you!

Knit All Together: Two of these top ten posts are on complementarity which shouldn't surprise me, but does.

How to Be Missional When You Get Out of Bed: A response to a sermon at my church on living in covenant, particularly marriage, and how singles are still called to live in covenant—even if it means making your own creed.

Who Can Help Us? Thoughts on being single, being fruitful and multiplying. How infertility is like the barrenness that comes from being single and how we are Helped.

Why I'm Not Voting Today: I wish I'd had a little more foresight in writing this post. It mostly reads like a lot of thoughts spewed out onto the internet. It resounded with many of you though!

A Questionable Beauty: How an ugly duckling reckons with whether looks matter or not.