Drinking Often

Bread This morning in class we read through the last few chapters of Matthew, including the final supper. I couldn't help the tears that pooled in my eyes while our campus pastor read the words in that small paragraph. The last supper, yes, but the inaugural supper, that too. The first supper. The first communion. I love that.

So it is fitting, I think, that today I've written on that supper over at Grace for Sinners, the blog of Matthew Sims. I hope you'll head over there and read about a Savior who fulfills the law and uses the word "often."

"He knows us so well to use a word like often.

We need this, with our hearts so prone to attempting and trying, to sacrificing the modern lambs of our time, our tithe and our truant hearts.

We need this, we who do not understand that the kindness of God draws us to repentance and anything less is a marauder of faith and a shortcut to legalism."

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