Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 3.13.36 PMYou're here! And I'm so grateful you are. It's been a long week of nasty little hitches in my neatly packaged game plan, but gratefully I have had three amazing guys helping along the way. Lee Hinton, my brilliant backend worker bee (who regularly takes on more than he should, and still kept assuring me that it was okay...riiiiight...), Steven Naimark, who spent his entire Sunday navigating through CSS and trying his darnedest to keep me up to speed (right brained over here, anyone?), and Jamie Sinclair who has been my go-to guy for Sayable for half a decade and who made himself available at multiple moment's notices.

Like I said, grateful.

So you're here! And I'm so glad. It doesn't look much different to you, but there will be small changes in the coming future that will make big differences for me, and hopefully you too!

There will be a celebratory give-away this week (Ooohhlala), so be sure to check back and get details for that.

Please know we've tried to make it as seamless as possible for you. But the truth is I can't guarantee that everyone is coming with us on this switch, so you might need to do that on your own.

There are two ways you can continue on without a hitch:

1. If you'd like to receive new posts in your inbox (like an email from me to you), you can fill this box in with your email address, click the link that will be emailed to you, and that's it! Voila! It'll be like we've never parted ways.


2. If you'd like to subscribe to new posts via your feed-reader (Google Reader, Bloglovin, NetNews, etc.), all you have to do is click here and select your preferred reader.

3. If you're following this blog via Bloggeryou will definitely be left behind. I'd hate for that to happen, so you'll need to do one of the above two options in order to continue reading.

Dear Friends, whether you come or not is up to you, there's no pressure, of course. I think for every moment in our lives there are people there to say the right thing at the right time and I hope that Sayable has been that for you. But if that time has passed, I understand, truly I do.

But if you want to join in the journey (and I hope you do!), I'll be so grateful, so glad. Truly.