Imago Dei


This is Po. He was gifted to me two summers ago by a family I love dearly. He was just a tiny thing then. He's still pretty tiny, but I just put him in a bigger pot and I'm hoping he spreads his roots around a bit and grows. Others have prayed the same for me and I suspect it's working.


I don't feel short. I'm just accustomed to everyone being taller than me. But folks, these are crop jeans, meant for normal sized people. On me they're just regular jeans. That's short folks. Short.


This past weekend the non-profit I work for held that Back to School event I told you about. We gave away over 2500 backpacks and the line of people wrapped around the entire parking lot for hours, hours I tell you, in 100 degree weather. Kids got free hair-cuts, stuffed backpacks, hugs, and lots of smiles and high fives.


I have an actual allergy to watching anything with three or more parts (with the exception of BBC films). I also like that I haven't seen so many films people consider epic and must-sees. But I decided to stick it to the man and watch Lonesome Dove—I mean, it's on Netflix, so it's easy. People kept telling me that I would love these two characters. And just between you and me, I do.


So this happened.