I still don't have my new laptop—shipping from China apparently takes longer than the three days to get here they promised me. Who knew? 

I figured this might be a good time to share a few little nuggets. Some photos from my trip, in case you're not friends with me on facebook or following me on Instagram. Some places I popped up around the web recently that you might have missed. Some little thoughts rolling around in my head that were probably tweeted if you're following me around over there. Some verses that are sticking to my ribs. Some writing by others that is settling on my shoulders. You know? Just some nuggets. 

Some verses that are sticking to my ribs these days: 

Galatians 5:1 — It was for freedom that you have been set free.
Psalm 87:7 — Singers and dancers alike say, 'All my springs are in you!'

Some places I popped up on the internet in the past few weeks: 

Are You a No Girl? at Single Roots
Sleeping Alone at The High Calling

Some thoughts rolling around in my head these days: 

Some writing that is settling on my shoulders and in my heart: 

One thing that will make your soul explode by Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky
Whispering Along a Thin Trembling Thread by Tony Woodlief at Image Journal
Telemachus to Odysseus by Bradford Winters at Image Journal
Rural Ministry is Not Second Rate by Jared Wilson at The Gospel Driven Church

Some photos of places and people: 

Cabin on a lake, my roommates come to visit me for a day and their car gets totaled, the sunsets are spectacular every night, and it rains torrentially the entire eleven hour drive to Chattanooga.

A pygmy goat keeps me company every day, I cuddle this sweet boy every night, the wonderful Sara Kristen does a field photoshoot with me, I write. A lot.

I hide out on this porch, write to the sound of this waterfall, read and read a lot.

I visit my best friend, her husband, they catch fish, I write more. 

I get to see my siblings and niece, I am a happy, happy, HAPPY girl.
No photo of this, but on the drive home I see my brother who’s been in Afghanistan for a year and who I haven’t seen in two YEARS! 

I bring my friend Olive home to Texas with me. We drive for 28 hours, through a microburst in Ohio[!], stopping for a quick overnight in Nashville.