What to Do if You Wake Up Feeling Fragile // John Piper
This article was just posted this week, so I feel a bit cheap posting it as one of the best articles I read this year, but I'm just going to go with it. If there is anything I wake up feeling on a regular basis, it is fragile. In this encouraging piece Pastor John simply talks about the reality that we are fragile, but God is not.

Women, Stop Submitting to Men // Russel Moore
It's true, the best way to get readers quickly is to attach an eye-catching title to your piece and Russel Moore did just that. I love this article. I love it because it rightly divides some very real, very raw issues affecting the church (particularly those holding to the complementarian view of gender roles).

Fasting from Intimacy // Fabienne Harford
Probably the single most helpful thing I read online this year. For a very long time it's felt like a very unfair thing of God to give us sexual desires and leave us single longer and longer--Fabs framed this season of life in a very helpful picture of fasting, and it's making all the difference!

How to Serve the Singles // Carolyn McCulley
I'm still ruminating on the truths articulated in this article. As we've come to expect from Carolyn, she hits every point succinctly and gracefully. If you are a single or you know a single (that should cover all of you), please read this article and be encouraged or encourage someone else.

How to Be Used for God's Glory // Jared Wilson
This is just a short little ditty, but it's been pooling around in my mind since I read it in the fall. I want desperately for God to get the glory from my life, but gosh, it's hard when there are so many things He's given us to do while we're on earth. Read this. Be encouraged. It's not about us.

Date a Girl Who Reads // Rosemarie Urquico
Just because I love it so much!