I have what is commonly known as "writer's block."

This is a cross between laziness and pride, usually caught from lack of time to just sit in solitude and think creatively, and has been known to lead to a lack of any coherent thoughts.

Just so you know.

That's what the malady is. Word is still pending on whether there is a final cure or not, but a temporary fix will happen in January.

That fix is currently just a scribbled list in my journal, but it contains notes to myself like:

  • Log out of fb and twitter (Louissa?) for the month (two weeks?)
  • Delete time wasting apps from phone
  • Blog hiatus (ask for guest posts and use the ones you have sitting in your stupid inbox already!)
  • You are not allowed to commit to go or do anything all month except Wednesday night and Sunday night. DO YOU HEAR ME?
  • Go to the doctor and get your knee fixed; it's not gonna fix itself.
  • Stop ignoring money and pay your freaking student loans off with the excess. Gosh.

...and other demanding things

...which I hope will lead to less a less demanding life.

For a month at least.