Link Love for the Week

Link love for the week (Do people get tired of links I like? I mostly just want to spread the love, encourage some bloggers, writers, and designers, so it's partly for them that I do this, partly for you.)

Paul Burkhart writes on seeing the Father: "So let us take heart: In those moments you just want a fresh experience of God, trust that regardless of how He may or may not meet you in that particular way, you nevertheless do know the Father and have seen Him."

Derek Lee Bishop is a musician out of North Carolina who just put out an album called Better Days. I've only listened to a clip so far, but it seems gentle and lyrical. Here's the thing, though, all proceeds go toward Gospel for Asia and Project Red Light Rescue (which is where I work). So I'm encouraging you to give it a listen and buy it if you like it!

Fabs Harford (whose blog you should be reading), wrote for Relevant this week Fasting From Intimacy: "The goal of fasting is not for God to remove our hunger, but for us to learn that in the midst of hunger He is trustworthy. The feeling of hunger is the point of the fast. God wants us to feel hunger so we are reminded we are not supposed to be satisfied and we are supposed to long for Him. We fast to reflect that we trust God regardless of what our bodies tell us. He is our authority, not our bodies."

Len Wilson wrote some reflections on Gary Molander's new book and I can't get enough of this article. I just keep stopping on one paragraph and letting it really refresh my creative soul. It's hard to create on demand, it's good to read someone who gets that.

Phraseology Project is my new favorite thing. Every day! New and beautiful things! So many beautiful ways to put words together.