Link Loving for the week:

Don Miller writes about how the backout of Howard Schulz from the Leadership Summit at Willow Creek was handled. I love watching Christians handle bad news. Partly because I want to learn how to react better personally, but mostly because good leaders see big pictures and I want to see the big picture.

Deep in my soul, I'm lonely. I don't hide this or pretend to have it figured out. I'm lonely. I know the answer to my loneliness is not more people or marriage or more social events. The answer is to see the point of my loneliness and then walk in the joy of the gospel. This article is fantastic.

A reader recently gave me a link to Fabs Harford's blog and I've been loving what she writes. This post on obedience and the gospel was spot on. "I’m not the girl you have in your head. If you knew the darkness in my heart you’d want the internet police to shut down my blog forever."

On a personal note: I know you know that I love my roommates. I tweet about them. I talk about them. I facebook tag them ad nauseum. No, really, it makes you nauseated how much I talk about them. I know. But really. Sometimes we are all laying on our living room floor (because it's our favorite place to live) and I am startled by how living with them is not about quality of life in the American Dream sense, it's about quality of life in a LIFE-giving sense. They give life. They breathe it. They are wise, tender, humble, funny, gentle, challenging people and I'm so blessed to have them in my life. So here's a sneak peek over each of their shoulders (to prove how amazing they are):

Jenna is in Africa right now, writing about her journey with worth and Jesus. "My presence has clarified her worth. I had redeemed her without even knowing it."

Season is blogging here about why she doesn't blog. "I want to listen to those sitting people who have had time to think. I want to listen to the ones who did not over-exert themselves in passion, but humbled themselves with slower work, and are now greeted by a tree with shade."

Liz writes here about moralism in the church, "But is that not who the church is to the unbeliever? We're like a moral compass that points to a north that doesn't align with theirs. And who wouldn't disregard a broken compass?"