About six years ago when I left NY to finish my degrees in Writing and Design in TN, a wise man put his hand on my head and blessed me. He said, "The world needs more of you" and I didn't know what he meant. What he meant, I came to realize years later, is that the world needs more people who find what they're passionate about and do it. The world needs less pastors, ministers, books, and more Christians who just grab a hold of the gospel and live it out within their chosen profession.

I thought of that this morning when I found this blog highlighting some design done for a major church-focused leadership event. More and more some of the finest design I find is coming out of people professing to be Christian. I love this. I love these because Biblical principles work in the marketplace and in the church and in the family and in our personal lives. I love seeing people succeed!

A few weeks ago I wrote about how the way we talk about ourselves reflects and illumines what we believe about God. I cannot think of a more humbling experience then confession truly what we DO believe about God, as well as taking an honest inventory of how those beliefs are affecting our walk. Mark Altrogge hits it on his blog here (note: if you only subscribe to one blog, make it this one. Seriously.)

I have a persistent friend. At least I think he's a friend. He sits on my shoulders. Inserts himself in every conversation. Nags at me when I agree or disagree. His name is guilt. And he needs to die.

Are you a double space after every period putter? Read this article. And please stop making spaces. For the sake of grammarians and typographers and the future of type. But mostly for yourselves. It's just bad form.