He chose five stones. Even though he had complete confidence that God was on his side and the giant would be defeated, still, he chose five stones. In case the first one didn't work? In case the first four didn't work? We know it only took one, but we have the vantage of hindsight and Hebrew scribes. He had nothing but his stature and a slingshot to count on. And the faithfulness of his God.

(Tom Deters)

I remember once, listening to someone wise saying that sometimes in this Christian walk there are options in front of us that all look suspiciously right and good. Options that all lead to the Kingdom and life and make it hard to choose between rights and wrongs, because they all look okay and profitable. It's then, he said, that we just choose one. Walk in it in the faith that God knows our desire to head toward the Kingdom and trust that we'll get there in His time and in His way.

I'm standing at that crossroads, if you will, specing the territory. Seeing the options. Trying to not get overwhelmed with the possible goodness or probable suffering, just trusting that of the five stones I hold in my possession, all could do the job, but only one eventually will.

It may not be the first, or the first four. But we'll never know until the story is finished.

September 2006