We laughed and did a little bit of crying too, and closed with a prayer. I told her I was going to work on my portfolio, but I'm a little distracted by the Lord. She sent me an email this morning in which she said this, "I figured her answer would eventually just come down to Jesus. Beautiful, sufficient Jesus."

I had a conversation the other night with a friend about the foundations of life, and another conversation with two friends Sunday evening about the sovereignty of God. I guess, when it's all said and done, and theology becomes life through the veil, Jesus is the only thing we see clearly. I'm learning that more and more. My answers to the hard questions of life become less how to work through them, how to practically apply principles, how to stare down adversity, and more how to keep my eyes on Jesus.

And maybe that's a big, giant cop-out, and perhaps I'm simplifying my Christianity because of a lack of faith in theology to answer the dichotomies of life, or it could be that I'm just tired of inconsistency in my life due to misunderstanding the Lord. All I know is this--

And He is the radiance of His glory and
the exact representation of His nature,
and upholds all things by the word of His power.
Hebrews 1.3

The author of Hebrews knew one thing about the Lord, and consistently reminds their readers all the way through the book---when practices and principles fail, and we falter along with them, the answer comes down to Jesus. Beautiful, sufficient Jesus.

June 2006