I meant to do this every week, but, well, you know how it goes:

Oh, but first this: Did I not tell you that I spent my Monday here? I did. It was lovely.

I could play for hours here. Luckily I will at some point. Because I get paid to play with colors and letters. My job is nice. I like it.

I know every hipster, oldster and otherwise is all about the wood. But really. Oh sweet really, I'm all about the wood.

Ann does it a lot, astound us, and here she does it carefully and intricately. What beautiful rawness.

This movie looks like a piece of art and I want to go stare at it for a few hours. Anyone wanna go with me?

This article and this post have been the source of a lot of wrestling and thinking for me this week. I have a slew of responses in my heart and from my roommates that will formulate into posts, perhaps next week.

Seryn, a local band, making music so beautiful you want to cry sometimes.