I'll have a real post for you tomorrow, but for tonight it's just an iphone deluge of photos. Yeah? You like? You have to tell me if you like, otherwise I'll stop. It's just what you asked for, right?

Yeah. I'm one of those boring people who takes pictures of my breakfast.
But only when it's so pretty I can't handle it.
Last week when I was so sad, Season brought home this green living thing.
There isn't much that makes me happier than green living things.
(Unless said things are snakes.
This makes me very unhappy.)

Because we are girls and we were born in the 1980s,
We like You've Got Mail.
No excuses. Just that.
We love it.

You already saw some of this. But I mean, really?
Really? So pretty.
It makes the endless flat bearable.

My reading stack recently.
All winners in my book.
Er, well. Bad idiom perhaps.
But you know what I mean.

This is my, hmmm, probably number four or five attempt
to find a good home for all of our plants.
Our house gets ZERO (0) sunlight in any of the windows in the summer.
This is good because this is Texas.
But this is bad because I like houseplants.

A few months ago I met a lady at my church. She was nice. I liked her instantly.
Then I found out she was from New York. And I liked her especially much.
So we hang out sometimes and I love her more and more.
Last night we spent three hours at a Thai restaurant.
We didn't even know where the time went.
I felt like I was home for those three hours. It was lovely. Really, really lovely.