Some link love for the week. Just what I've been reading about, thinking about, pointed towards and sometimes grateful for. Ignore that I just committed a heinous crime toward grammar and just go click yourselves on some of these here links.


Stella's Voice
: Did you know that human trafficking is the highest illegal export from some countries? It makes more money than drugs or weapons. People, real live people, snatched from their homes, and sold to make a profit. Watch this short video.

Josh Garrels: A few years ago a friend kept trying to get me to like this surfer dude who, my friend said, it felt like the Holy Spirit fell when he sang. I trusted my friend, but the Spirit-rolling-surfer dude was suspect. People, please listen to and support this guy. His lyrics are poetry. His voice is smooth. His music is solid. His heart is sincere.

From Keetra: Loving this art recently. Her use of color is spectacular and attention to detail is perfect. I love her use of negative space and the simplicity of these prints. Oooh. I like.

The image and glory of God
: A few years ago my pastor here did a series on manhood. I'm interested in all things male and female--the study of people fascinates me and I want to know how to best serve my gender and the opposite one. I'm not through this series yet, but what I've heard is fabulous. If you're a guy, listen and serve God better. If you're a girl, listen and serve your brothers better.

I just want someone who...
: Jared Wilson wrote a tweet recently saying "People who say that "they just want to marry someone who loves Jesus" are liars." I was hoping he'd expound on it and he didn't let me down. Great little post that I wish there was more discussion on. Perhaps add your two cents?

Two sisters: I love this photo essay done on two sisters I've gotten to know a bit down here in Texas. The entrepreneurial scene here in DFW is really booming and these girls have not only capitalized on that, but they've also done it with great precision and beauty. Love that!