Some link love for the week. Sorry the blog's been a little silent. I think I'm in a season of trying to redefine what the purpose of is. In the past it's been descriptive narrative with a spiritual bent and I feel like it's turning into more of a lesson in Bible study. I miss the descriptive days. I miss the noticing and observing that I felt adept at and I want to be back there in some ways. So excuse me please. I'm just searching around in the deep parts to figure out what the heck I'm doing in these parts.


Shrinking Spirituality: A lot of what I've learned in the past year I credit to less spirituality in my life and more of just Jesus. This little nugget brings it all home.

Ira and Adrienne: Two lovely friends from New York have relocated down to the Dallas area and I'm grateful that they're here and that they get me and my NY quirks. They went home a few weeks ago to get married. I wasn't able to make the trip, but these amazing photos make me wish I had!

Love Accommodates: Love this. I love this because I want love to be the marked measure of my life. I want my epitaph to read: She loved well. I don't even want to be concerned with being loved in return, but it sure is nice when that's the motivation. Christ initiates love. Always.

Healing and Purpose: Anne writes about letting healing be the goal, instead of simply relief. I think we all understand the cry to be lessened of our pain, emotional and physical. But real and true healing takes time. And it isn't finished until HE finishes it.

Typewriter Art: Um. Hello amazing patience!

Waiting for Eliot Smith: Tyler Blanki writes about soul pornography, the sort that keeps us always unsatisfied because we're waiting for airbrushed perfect personalities and stories. It's in real and raw people that we see the redemptive God more fully glorified.

Normalcy: Amy Beth does it again. 26 and fostering three minors.

This, well, this is just beautiful.

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.