A few weeks ago I asked if you'd fill out a brief survey for me. Partly because I want to know you. But partly because I want to serve you in the material I offer here. I wasn't surprised by most of the entries, but one answer was given over and over: we want to see pictures of your life, who you are, pieces of you. This surprised me. I'm just living a small life, steady, a bit boring, filled with simple things.

These are things that give you a small glimpse into that. I guess I don't feel defined by what I do and say and see, but I feel very defined by what I think. It's imbalanced, though, I know. So here, I give you an iphone deluge of photos. Snapshots of my little life in big Texas.

This was my breakfast today. And my lunch. Might be my dinner too.
I love watermelon.

This is Po. He's had a hard time of it since his birth. I fret about him a lot.
If any of you have any brilliant ideas of how to make practically the easiest houseplant
known to man a little easier for me, I'll take your thoughts.
I promise. I've never had a harder time with a plant before.

Here's a peek at our back-porch. I love it. I do. Not as much as my 1 Grove porch.
But it's growing on me. It's also growing a lot of other things...
This is J blowing fire. No, not really. He's just lighting his pipe.
It was really dark outside. And breezy. And hot.
Perfect weather for sitting out in the backyard for a few hours.
Talk. Lots of talk.
This is one of the verses I have stuck to the bottom of my monitor at work.
I read it a lot. Evangelism is hard for me, but relationship is not.
So I go after. Right? I pursue. I chase and ask.

This is a curious little mark that showed up on my EYEBROW.
About a half inch long.

How? What? I do not know. It is slowly disappearing. Slowly.

One of the things I love about my job is that sometimes I get to take pen to paper,
which is one of my real passions. Graphic design is just a way to make money at it.
I love pens and papers.

This is a banner I made to hang on my wall. Whenever I've been in Asia
I've noticed the Buddhist prayer banners and hated that
something so beautiful wouldn't be welcome in a home where Christ was King.
But God is a creator and I think He loves it when we create.
So I created. And this is what it came out looking like.
I think God's okay with it.

I get teased a lot for the paramount of movies that I have not seen.
But I think one reason for the lack of movies that I've seen, is due to the fact
that I have seen one movie perhaps too many times to count.
The protagonist's name is Purslane Hominy Will.
"Purslane is a weed you know?"
But that didn't stop us from buying a whole pot of it a few weeks ago.
It's an awfully pretty weed.