While I was home last week a few people mentioned that they loved the 30 Day Challenge and a few people mentioned that it was a bit too much for them, too many posts building up in their feed. It got me thinking about you, my readers. I want to write for me, but I want to write for you too. That's the point of saying something, right? To communicate?

So, if you don't mind, can I do a quick survey? There will be some of you who assume that I know you read my blog and know what you like, but still? Chime in? Please?

There will be some of you who have never commented or emailed or let me know you're reading (ahem, Manilla, Vancouver, Kansas City, San Francisco, and many more -- you think I don't see you there, but I do =)), please tell me who you are, what brings you back here, what material has blessed you and what sort of thing you can do without.

Before I ask the questions, let me say this: A year ago someone who shall remain unnamed (but to whom I will link because she loves attention and likes it when I talk about her here) told me that she was tired of seeing me write about a particular subject endlessly. That counsel/rebuke/complaint has stuck with me over the past year and has made me both be more careful in my handling of the subject and also careful about the frequency with which I write about it. So your words matter! And don't worry about offending me please! I promise I won't be offended.

Here are the questions, thanks so much!