This is a paragraph of text. Just a paragraph and maybe an image. I've been on the go since last Saturday morning and I'm tired. Tonight was elder-led prayer at my church here. It's my favorite night of the month, worship runs overtime, we do communion; we all really want to be there, none of that Sunday morning obligation that creeps in sometimes; we're present, all there. I love this church. I love brushing shoulders with these people, having a tap on my shoulder afterward by the woman behind me, asking my name and my story. Standing in the foyer after a bible study, sharing tears and a hug with a new friend. I love the sigh that my heart feels and the new confidence I have in the gospel. I love getting an email in my inbox and an invite for dinner. A text to meet up for coffee. A wall post from a new friend. I love that now that I've decided to be all here, I am all here.

Tonight, as I drive to church, the sun setting to my left, the flat fields brimming with new green grass, I feel home. I feel so at home here. So content. So happy. So healthy. So expectant. I say to my roommate tonight, I used to dream of feeling the confidence in God I feel now. I didn't know it was possible. But it is.

day seven of 30 day challenge put down by one Jason Alan Churchill Thorburne Morris.