If someone had told me ten years ago or even one year ago that there was no perfect answer to everyman's question, I might have bailed then. Thank God, literally, that no one told me, and I pray that you're not who I was then and ready to bail after this sentence.

The truth is that I do still have questions, so many questions. I kick the dirt in the yard this evening, asking them. Why have you made me this way and what is your plan for me? What are you waiting for and why do I have to wait so much longer than everyone else? Why do you allow suffering and why do you allow the people I love to suffer? Why do so many people stand openhanded, waiting, waiting, waiting? Why don't I understand everyone's point of view and how would it change me if I did?

These are the questions I ask and they are not new questions to me.

The past few weeks questions have trickled into my inbox, asking me to address some certain demographic, challenge them, confront them, absolve them in my next post. At first I felt the temptation to do so. When the world looks to us for answers, what can we do, after all, but point them to Jesus and how could I pass opportunities like that?

The truth is that I can, though, and I will.

The truth is that we are all going to build altars of our questions unless we sacrifice the lamb of doubt upon them and call it a done deal. And He has already done that.

Splitting the veil in two, opening the way to the Holy of Holies was God's answer to our doubts and our questions, every one of them. Our difficulty is that even a place most holy cannot answer the questions we ask because we are asking in the wrong direction. He does not make his place among religion and crafted temples. He makes His place among His word and the Holy Spirit.

He keeps enough of Himself held back that we are drawn, caught by our questions in a web of His intricate holiness. Holiness that we cannot know the fullness of while we inhabit these mere tents, these temples of the Holy Spirit, these temporary dwelling places.

My best sends me an email today containing this song and I listen on repeat for a long while because I am asking a tough question this week: why?

The answer is this: so that you would know Me in My resurrection and so you could fellowship in My sufferings.

That answer does not satisfy, I know, and if you are one of those, like me, who would bail at costs like that for unanswered questions, then I invite you to ask your questions to my inbox. That is a question that only grace and the gospel can answer and it matters not your demographic or your station. The answer is the same for all of us:

Him alone.

day twelve of 30 day challenge put down by one Jason Alan Churchill Thorburne Morris.